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    OSMI Categories

    Sockets, Power Points, Switches, Light Fittings, Cables, Cable Trays

    Diesel Generators, Industrial Engines, Canopies, Decentralised Power Solutions

    Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Foundation / Anchor Bolts, Special Purpose Studs

    Tooling & Inserts needed in metal cutting industry

    Industrial machines varying from small to heavy machinery

    Industrial & Domestic instruments for measurements of pressure, temperature etc

    Media & Resins used in Water Treatment Industry

    Motors ranging from 0.5 HP to 100 HP

    Our Process

    We assist engineering industry to liquidate Obsolete Slow Moving Inventory by using a mix of technology and field efforts.
    Our team of engineers and network of consultants work professionally to offer best deals for excess / dead stock.


    Upload Products

    1. Seller shall upload OSMI products on https://osmi.letsprocure.com
    2. LetsProcure will discuss technical details of product with the seller.
    3. Both, seller & LetsProcure, shall discuss commercials involved.


    Contact Buyers

    1. LetsProcure shall search for buyers through online & offline methods.
    2. LetsProcure shall share details of OSMI products with prospects.
    3. Visit shall be arranged for buyer, if required, for verification.


    Communicate & Negotiate

    1. LetsProcure shall communicate & coordinate between buyer and seller.
    2. LetsProcure shall be involved till all technical queries are resolved.
    3. LetsProcure shall be active in finalising commercial deal.


    Close Deal

    1. Payments shall be made as mutually agreed between all parties.
    2. OSMI products shall be shipped to buyer after commercial transactions.
    3. LetsProcure shall receive agreed transaction commission from seller.

    Have a look at products listed


    Stainless Steel Pipes & Tu...

    Fabricated Vessels ₹ 315/ mtr

    Stainless Steel Pipes & Tu...

    Fabricated Vessels ₹ 315/ mtr

    Stainless Steel Pipes & Tu...

    Fabricated Vessels ₹ 315/ mtr



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    What is defined as ‘OSMI’?

    Any material that is unused but lying dead in your workshop is defined as OSMI. This inventory has been purchased / manufactured for a particular project but was not consumed due to various logical reasons thereby lying dead in your backyard.

    How does letsprocure liquidate OSMI?

    We assist in liquidating surplus inventory by reaching out to potential buyers in the relevant market. We reach out through using digital platform by listing goods on letsprocure.com. We send emailers to potential buyers, make phone calls to generate enquires.

    How is OSMI listed on letsprocure.com?

    Once OSMI is identified, we fetch all technical specifications of goods from concerned agency. We capture recent photographs, scanned copies of tax invoices, supporting documents etc. Upon verification, letsprocure shall display the products on portal.

    Is price displayed on letsprocure.com?

    In order to achieve relevant and positive enquiries, we strongly recommend that the price should be displayed.

    What is the liquidation process?

    We scan through all enquiries by discussing with potential buyers. In case, buyer has additional queries regarding the listed goods, we communicate with seller to answer their queries. Once the material is accepted technically, we discuss about price, delivery dates, shipments etc. The potential buyer may request for a visit to check out the material.

    How is the deal ‘closed’?

    Once both, buyer and seller, agree on technical and commercial front, all three of shall finalize the delivery dates and shipment address. It is responsibility of the seller and letsprocure to ensure on time delivery. On receiving the shipment, the seller has to confirm receipt of shipment.
    Upon finalizing the deal, buyer may make an advance / full payment in the name of seller. Buyer shall receive an invoice for the same.
    Seller shall pay agreed transaction commission to LetsProcure.

    Our Clients

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